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Video Surveillance & Security Camera Systems

Video Surveillance Solutions

Our video surveillance solutions deliver a positive return on investment by improving loss prevention, protecting your property, and mitigating liability risk. We engineer cost-effective, purpose-built security camera systems with unparalleled image quality.

Access Control Solutions

A properly designed access control system is the first line of defense and a valuable addition to any CCTV camera solution. By controlling access to your building, your employees, assets, and sensitive areas are protected from unauthorized access.

Security Camera Installation

Our nationwide network of experienced and certified installers have the expertise to install, configure, and seamlessly integrate your security camera or access control system with your existing infrastructure. Give us a call today at 866-424-9070.

Security Solutions by Industry

Obligation-Free Risk Assessment

Our expert security camera consultants will assess your location’s security needs, identify internal and external threats, and provide you with a comprehensive list of recommendations to enhance your security and loss prevention programs at zero cost or obligation to you.

This risk assessment will aid our engineers in designing a video surveillance solution that safeguards your company’s bottom line, streamlines daily operation, and improves the visibility, safety, and security around your facility.

Expert Surveillance System Design

Every location has its own set of unique security needs which must be addressed. Our engineers will design a cost-effective, purpose-built video surveillance solution that is tailor-made to your location’s exact specifications so it fulfills your specialized requirements.

Each one of our turnkey security camera and CCTV solutions is designed with your location’s needs and budget in mind from the very beginning so your solution covers every angle and leaves nothing unseen.

Project Management

From inception to implementation, our project management teams will be with you every step of the way to support your video surveillance needs. These dedicated teams are available to you and your security personnel to share their expertise in the design, engineering, and integration of your security camera solution.

Your project will be handled by a dedicated project manager with the experience to manage and facilitate every facet of your surveillance project.

Stay Up to Date

We keep our thumb on the pulse of the security industry.

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President Obama’s Visit to India Spurs Security Overhaul

Anytime the leader of a foreign country visits your own, special security measures are taken to not only protect them while they’re in your capital, but to also prevent a possible international incident. President Obama’s visit to New Delhi, India in a few days is no different except that the Indian government isn’t taking any chances when it comes to the President of the United States’ (POTUS) safety.

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Dover Police Officer Caught on Dash Cam Belting Out Taylor Swift

The Dover, Delaware police department staged this video from one of their patrol car surveillance camera to advertise their new “Dashboard Confessionals” videos. Master Corporal Jeff Davis doles out the sass in heaping handfuls and channels his inner Taylor Swift by belting out her “Shake it Off” in this immensely entertaining viral video.

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The Future of Red Light Camera Enforcement

Red light cameras have been around for a while now but what most drivers don’t know is that tickets issued from red light cameras are not as enforceable as a ticket you would receive from a cop. Recent public backlash and high cost of maintaining these cameras has caused some cities to reconsider them.

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