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Video Surveillance & Security Camera Systems

Video Surveillance Solutions

Our video surveillance solutions deliver a positive return on investment by improving loss prevention, protecting your property, and mitigating liability risk. We engineer cost-effective, purpose-built security camera systems with unparalleled image quality.

Access Control Solutions

A properly designed access control system is the first line of defense and a valuable addition to any CCTV camera solution. By controlling access to your building, your employees, assets, and sensitive areas are protected from unauthorized access.

Security Camera Installation

Our nationwide network of experienced and certified installers have the expertise to install, configure, and seamlessly integrate your security camera or access control system with your existing infrastructure. Give us a call today at 866-424-9070.

Security Solutions by Industry

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Obligation-Free Risk Assessment

Our expert security camera consultants will assess your location’s security needs, identify internal and external threats, and provide you with a comprehensive list of recommendations to enhance your security and loss prevention programs at zero cost or obligation to you.

This risk assessment will aid our engineers in designing a video surveillance solution that safeguards your company’s bottom line, streamlines daily operation, and improves the visibility, safety, and security around your facility.

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Expert Surveillance System Design

Every location has its own set of unique security needs which must be addressed. Our engineers will design a cost-effective, purpose-built video surveillance solution that is tailor-made to your location’s exact specifications so it fulfills your specialized requirements.

Each one of our turnkey security camera and CCTV solutions is designed with your location’s needs and budget in mind from the very beginning so your solution covers every angle and leaves nothing unseen.

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Project Management

From inception to implementation, our project management teams will be with you every step of the way to support your video surveillance needs. These dedicated teams are available to you and your security personnel to share their expertise in the design, engineering, and integration of your security camera solution.

Your project will be handled by a dedicated project manager with the experience to manage and facilitate every facet of your surveillance project.

Stay Up to Date

We keep our thumb on the pulse of the security industry.

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Latest Industry News


Vandalism Spurs Park to Re-Evaluate Their Surveillance Coverage

A park in Calgary has experienced a rash of vandalism that’s resulted in thousands of dollars in damage to construction equipment and harassment of construction workers as they work on the grounds of the park. In an effort to protect city employees and the park grounds themselves, the city has installed a security camera system to monitor the area as well as having the local police department patrol the area to keep the workers and their equipment safe.


Psychiatric Hospital to Spend £3 million on Surveillance System Upgrade

The Broadmoor Hospital in the United Kingdom, which houses the country’s most notorious criminals, was found to have serious lapses in their perimeter security and video surveillance systems that have made the facility no longer compliant with government regulations. Their security camera system completely crashed in late 2013 and the problems were compounded when the systems cameras were incompatible with the video management software being used. With such dangerous criminals in this hospital, the security lapses have potentially dire consequences to the public.


Sheriff Department Aims to Double its Security Cameras

Video footage from surveillance cameras has long been used by Police and Sheriff Departments across the country as evidence in criminal trials and has been an invaluable tool to cement convictions on countless criminals. Law enforcement can access the public’s CCTV cameras via warrant or permission, but one Louisiana Sheriff’s Department is adding 50 remote security cameras to their parish near neighborhoods and roads adjacent to high risk areas in an effort to curb a rash of violent crime that has erupted over the last year. These cameras will be placed lower to the ground and have higher clarity so the Sheriffs are able to positively ID potential suspects and victims with ease and, hopefully, prevent crime from happening in the first place.

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