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Our video surveillance solutions deliver a positive return on investment by improving loss prevention, protecting your property, and mitigating liability risk. We engineer cost-effective, purpose-built technology with unparalleled image quality.

Access Control Solutions

A properly designed access control system is the first line of defense and a valuable addition to any video surveillance solution. By controlling access to your building, your employees, assets, and sensitive areas are protected from unauthorized access.

Security System Installation

Our nationwide network of experienced and certified installers have the expertise to install, configure, and seamlessly integrate your security camera or access control system with your existing infrastructure. Give us a call today at 866-424-9070.

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Industry News

Rikers Island Installs 7,800 New Security CCTV Cameras

NY City Department of Correction wants to add 7,800 new surveillance cameras at Rikers Island as part of the reforms that were announced Tuesday. Rikers Island has been criticized about the prison conditions, specially the harsh treatment of teenage prisoners by a small group of dangerous inmates who are responsible for majority of the violence in jails.

These additional security cameras will be installed in the next 18 months which will triple the number of existing CCTV cameras in the facility. The goal is to reduce the use of punitive segregation through enhanced supervision.

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