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Here is a list of common CCTV and security camera types and their common applications.

IP Cameras | Dome Cameras | PTZ Cameras | Box Cameras | Fisheye IP Camera | Covert Cameras

Are IP Cameras Right for You?

Although there are many benefits to owning an IP camera system for your application, but analog camera systems are still sufficient for some people. Below, you will see the main differences and benefits of each type of system to help you decide.

The difference between IP and analog.
The main difference between an IP camera system and an analog camera system is that IP systems are truly digital and offer incredible resolution and clarity. In most applications, one IP camera can do the job of several analog cameras.

Dome Cameras

Dome cameras are perfect for commercial applications where aesthetic is important and you want the cameras to blend in. Dome cameras can be used indoors or outdoors, and can be mounted on wall or ceiling. They do not require mounting brackets.

PTZ Cameras

PTZ (Pan/Tilt/Zoom) cameras allow you to move the camera, zoom in and zoom out using a joystick or remotely via a mouse. you can set the camera up to patrol, move to an area based on motion detection or be triggered by an alarm sensors. PTZ cameras are best suited for Casino and Law enforcement applications

Box Cameras

Box cameras are easily identifiable and are good theft deterrent because of their size and visibility. A big benefit to box cameras is that they allow you to pick the lens, housing, mounting bracket, etc. For example you can put a telephoto lens on a box camera and zoom in from a distance.

Fisheye IP Cameras

An IP Fisheye camera uses an ultra wide-angle lens that produces a 360 degree or 180 degrees panorama view. The Fisheye IP Camera is designed to be mounted on the ceiling, wall or ground. In most applications one Megapixel Fisheye camera can cover large areas up to 5,000 Sq Ft. With a Megapixel Fisheye camera you can do electronic pan/tilt/zoom.

Covert cameras are good choice for discreet applications where you do not want the cameras to be noticed at all. They come in the form of clock, smoke detector, motion sensor, etc.

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