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Indiana is the twelfth smallest state in the nation, spanning only 140 miles wide and 270 miles high, with roughly 6.5 million people. Indiana is also home to several well-known universities and sports teams such as the University of Notre Dame and the Indianapolis Colts NFL team. Thousands of people visit the universities and sports venues in the state of Indiana and each one of them require a complex network of CCTV security cameras in order to maintain safety for the vendors, visitors, and students alike. Virtual Surveillance has many years experience working with Indiana and large-complex CCTV security camera installations. Speak with one of our video surveillance experts today by calling 866-424-9070 for a custom site analysis or request a quote online.

Virtual Surveillance has local CCTV security camera installers in the state of Indiana that have installed solutions for various companies big and small. Some of our clients include: Marriott, United Airlines, Frito Lay, Bridgestone, and PepsiCo.

Security Cameras & Surveillance Installation in Indiana

According to local law enforcement agencies, Indiana saw a slight decrease in reported criminal activity in 2013 over the previous year. Property crime fell more than 5 percent with burglaries seeing the most improvement with a 10 percent drop. Violent crime on the other had went up by 2 percent with murder having the highest increase in crime rate by more than 15 percent.

Local law enforcement agencies are doing the best they can to respond to criminal acts as they happen but business owners can help by installing a reliable CCTV securiy camera system. These video surveillance solutions can deter criminals and offer police the video evidence they need to help them solve crimes that do take place. Virtual Surveillance can work with you to ensure that your facility is protected by the industry's best CCTV security camera equipment.

Our local CCTV security camera installers in Indiana that provide services to many cities including:

Anderson, Bloomington, Evansville, Fort Wayne, Gary, Hammond, Indianapolis, Muncie, South Bend, Terre-Haute, and Lafayette.

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