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Surveillance Camera Systems for Jails

Correctional Facility Security Solutions

Virtual Surveillance specifically designs the professional grade prison security camera systems to make your facility safe and secure. The versatile systems provided by our company allow security teams to remotely view the entirety of your facility from the safety of a central location and increase visibility without putting your personnel at risk. Employing surveillance equipment will provide 24/7 time stamped video evidence, deter violence and deviant behavior, protect your prison guards, and allow your teams to cover more area without being physically present.

Not only do our systems deter deviant behavior and protect your guards, the extensive archive of time stamped video evidence can be used in forensic analysis after an inmate incident occurs to educate your teams how to better respond to these incidents and identify high risk inmates. It gives you the information you need to run a safer and more secure correctional facility while alleviating budgetary constraints.

Surveillance Security Camera Systems in prison facilities are relatively new, but are vitally important to keep prison guards, inmates, and prison support staff safe in a potentially volatile environment.

For specialized assistance, please contact our Correctional Facility Specialist Eric Nauta.

Eric Nauta
Senior Sales Manager
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Jail Cell Security System Features

The systems provided by Virtual Surveillance are specifically designed and engineered to be user friendly and operated by individuals outside of the security industry. The custom built recording servers engineered in our extensive production warehouse have many distinct advantages over traditional recording systems:

For more information about our Correctional Facility Security Solutions call us at 866-424-9070 or request a proposal.

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