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Washington DC Security Camera Systems & CCTV Installers

The Washington, DC metropolitan area is the nation's seventh largest by population, at 5.8 million. It forms the southernmost portion of the Northeast megalopolis, the most heavily urbanized region in the US. Its $425 billion economy is the country's fourth largest.

The District of Columbia is the seat of the Federal Government, which employs around thirty percent of the local workforce. Numerous embassies, international organizations, trade unions, non-profits, and lobbying groups are clustered in close proximity to the government.

Washington draws around 19 million visitors a year, making tourism its second largest industry. The city is home to seventy-four National Historic Landmarks, nineteen museums of the Smithsonian Institute, the National Zoo, the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, five professional sports teams, and eight universities.

Security Camera Installation in Washington, DC

CCTV Surveillance Solutions for DC Public Transit

Although the District proper has around 650,000 official residents, its population swells to more than a million during the workday, and the daily traffic congestion compels many commuters to use public transportation. The DC Metro is the second-busiest mass transit system in the country, with riders passing through its turnstiles about one million times on an average weekday. The capital region is also served by the Union Station rail facility and three major airports.

Rider safety is of paramount importance to transportation authorities, especially now that terrorism is a concern. Virtual Surveillance offers hi-resolution security cameras with advanced analytics that enhance the efficiency of security teams by observing crowd behavior and watching for missing or unattended objects. Our analytic solutions are fully automated and feature customizable event triggers.

Security Cameras Protect Government Facilities

Security is a top priority in our nation's capital, as evidenced by the ubiquitous security personnel and equipment. Virtual Surveillance has a long track record of installing reliable surveillance cameras for government agencies and contractors like the Department of Homeland Security, Lockheed Martin, and most branches of the US military. Our video security and access control solutions meet the highest standards of public and private agencies alike.

CCTV Security Helps Discourage Criminal Activity in DC

Washington has a reputation as a dangerous city, earned partly by a high murder rate in the 1990s. Although the rate of violent crime has since declined, DC's vibrant nightlife and numerous affluent residents continue to be enticing targets for criminals. In 2013, the violent crime rate was well over three times the national average, and property crime was about 67 percent above average.

There is no easy solution to Washington's ongoing crime problem, but property owners can take an important step themselves by installing a security camera system. Proven to deter potential offenders, our CCTV cameras can appreciably lower your odds of being victimized and help you prosecute should a crime occur.

Video Surveillance Installation Services in Washington, DC

Virtual Surveillance recognizes the importance of customer service, and that's why our sales representatives and certified installation professionals in the DC area have a reputation nationwide for outstanding technical support. We'll worth with you to custom-build a surveillance camera system that meets the needs of your business or agency. Give us a call at 866-424-9070 to start the conversation, or request a quote online.

We also offer services to other cities in the Washington area, such as: Annandale, Bethesda, Capitol Heights, Hyattsville, McLean, and Silver Spring.

Washington, DC Surveillance Systems
Security Camera Installers in Washington, DC

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