5 Reasons How A Security Camera System Benefits You

  1. Theft deterrent: We’ll go with the most obvious reason first. Nobody ever wants to get caught in the act, so if they detect cameras in the area, chances are they’ll most likely exit the premises post-haste!
  2. smartphone surveillanceGives peace of mind through remote viewing: Ever go on vacation and wonder how the house is doing? Well now you can with the latest wave of CCTV software. View your cameras through the ease of your smart phone or internet. Also, if you think someone is entering your home while you’re gone, click the app on your smartphone, and have your home’s security at the tip of your fingers! There’s no more need to ask the creep next door to keep on eye on your property.
  3. Tax write-off: Many people may not be aware, but securing your home with surveillance is a tax write-off. Implementing security and saving money is a win/win situation that’s hard to pass up on!
  4. Reduces shrinkage: Many business owners realize that the majority of theft is internal. It’s time to keep your employees honest, and stop those sticky fingers! It also comes in handy whenever an incident happens and you have the physical proof to back up your claims.
  5. Promotes safety: In a sense, CCTV ties everything I said together to enhance a more enjoyable experience for everyone. Having peace of mind knowing that eyes/cameras are everywhere gives people a sense of comfort. Plus it will severely reduce any mischief that could occur in a home or business.
  1. JonathanMay 03, 2012   

    Good information Tyler

  2. Nathan WeaverJune 04, 2012   

    Mr. Dumar you nailed it, alot of people are not aware of the Tax write off for a surveillance syatem.

  3. Scott AdamsJuly 13, 2017   

    I like that you mentioned being able to keep an eye on your home while you are on vacation. I am planning to be on vacation for about a month this summer, and I want to make sure my house is protected. I can see how installing cameras, could help me not worry too much.

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