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Network Video Recorders

Network Video RecorderOur Network Video Management Software (VMS) supports a variety of IP cameras and hardware from many different manufacturers. Our Network Video Recorders (NVR) offer customized integration with other systems or devices using an open platform approach to unify all of your video, audio, access control, alarm functionality, and other requirements into one management center. Prices starting at $1189.00

Our powerful NVR surveillance platform is easy to manage and ranges from a few cameras and basic needs to multi-site, multi-server installations with thousands of cameras and integrations with other systems. The software is offered in tiered packaged solutions scaled to different business needs.

XVision Packages

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Flexibile NVR Video Management Solutions

With support for 1,500+ security cameras from nearly 80 different brands, these top of the line software solutions give you the freedom to completely customize your surveillance system. Their easy-to-use software wizards quickly guide you though the initial set up of your security system and making single & multi-step rules automate the day to day operation of your facility.

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