Perform a Site Survey

Using our installation check list, take a few minutes and determine the location of your recording device, cameras, and monitors or give us a call for assistance.  We’ll walk you through your site assessment step-by-step.

Choose the Right Cameras and Lens

With so many different cameras to choose from selecting the right camera can be challenging.  Use our Lens Comparison Tool to help you determine the right lens and angle of view.  You should also review our IP vs. Analog Cameras comparison chart to determine which technology is best for you.

Select the Right Recording Device

Your recording device is the heart of your security system.  In Step 2, if you chose IP cameras then you’ll want to combine them with a state-of-the-art NVR (Network Video Recorder).  If you chose analog cameras then you have a choice of using either a PC-based DVR or a Linux-based DVR.  Review the advantages of each system with our PC-based DVR vs. Linux DVR comparison chart.

Choose Cable and Power Supply

Analog cameras require Siamese cable which provides video and power in the same jacket.  We offer Siamese cable in a convenient pre-cut and terminated format as well as various lengths by the spool.  For IP cameras, you will need standard Cat5e cable.  Most of our IP cameras are PoE enabled, meaning one Cat5e cable can support both video and power transmission.

Install Your System

Installation is fairly easy for most applications.  Review our step-by-step guide for Do-it-Yourself projects.  If you require professional installation, please call us today and we can manage your project beginning-to-end utilizing our expert network of professional installers.