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Retail Security Camera Systems

Never Worry About Your Store While You're Away Again

Our Retail Security Systems Go Miles Beyond Simple Loss Prevention!

The retail industry loses billions of dollars every year to shoplifting, internal theft, and inventory shrinkage. Installing a security camera system is the first step in the right direction to keep your money from walking out the front door!

Let The Security System Do The Work For You

While you take care of what's important to you, your retail security solution can:

Security System Check Mark Catch Shoplifters Before They Leave Security System Check Mark Eliminate Your Liability Risk
Security System Check Mark Debunk Fraudulent Injury Claims Security System Check Mark Automatically Track Payroll
Security System Check Mark Log Receipts of Every Transaction Security System Check Mark Limit Access to Stock Rooms

Get Your Project Started With a Hassle-Free Consultation

We'll walk your store and make recommendations at no charge!

We are devoted to bringing our retail clients the latest in security camera, point of sale (POS), access control, and intelligent video analytics technology to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. Whether it's one location or a nationwide chain of stores that you need to secure, we have the security solution that will plug the leaks and keep your ship from sinking!

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"Partnering with Virtual Surveillance is a win/win: we win using their systems and we win because their service is outstanding!"

D. Simons, Vice President of Operations, Brinker International

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Hooters Restaurants

"We could not be happier with the cameras, servers (DVR's), software, and support that we have gotten from your company!"

J. Hall, Director of Information Technology, Hooters Management Corporation

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Stop Theft, Reassure Customers, & Sharpen Security With Our Easy-to-Use Systems!
Boost Your Loss Prevention
  • Catch Shoplifters Red Handed
  • Restricts Access to Stock Areas
  • Watches Your Store 24 Hours a Day
  • Eliminate Internal Theft
Keep an Eye on High-Risk Areas
  • Warehouse & Shipping Areas
  • Parking Lots & Loading Docks
  • Checkout Counters
  • Store Entrances & Exits
Make Your Money Work For You
  • Monitors Employee Shift Hours
  • Logs Product Arrival Times
  • Promotes a Safer Workplace
  • Tracks Customer Trends

What Do You Do When $40,000+ Worth of Stock is Missing?

An Inventory Shrinkage Case Study


In late 2012, a large Southern-California manufacturing company approached our team with a unique and time sensitive problem. They had just finished an extensive inventory stock analysis and their final counts came up $40,000 short of what was expected. Confused by the size of the discrepancy, they performed the counts two more times with separate inventory teams, but the same amount kept turning up.

With their figures confirmed, they turned to their existing security camera system and slogged through hundreds of hours of archive footage only to see that there was nothing out of the ordinary. Tens of thousands of dollars of stock had simply disappeared into thin air and there wasn’t any explanation for it. His corporate office was breathing down his neck for his report and he had to come up with a solution quickly or it could end up costing him and his whole team their jobs.

We flew one of our experts out to their production facility to assess their needs with a site survey. Our evaluation found that they were missing coverage on a good portion of their 10,000+ square foot warehouse and that their security cameras were severely outdated. We recommended HD megapixel IP cameras to have crystal clear video of their facility, an access control system to limit access, and a LPR system to track their supply shipments and the system was installed that week.

That following week, we got a phone call from our client and he could barely contain his excitement. He let us know that our system caught two of his employees sneaking merchandise out the far exit that was not being monitored by their old system. With the time stamped video evidence in hand, he had them brought into his office, terminated their employment, and had Police officers waiting outside for him to press charges.

30 Day Post-Installation Follow Up:

We spoke to the customer a few weeks later to make sure everything was still going well and he was happy to report that their inventory numbers are back within norms and their facility has been running more smoothly than ever.

4 of the Most Common Retail Crimes That Plague Stores Across the Nation

Don't Let These Everyday Retail Crimes That Cost Companies Billions of Dollars Every Year Happen To You!

Brick and mortar retail stores see a large number of customers walk through their doors every day and there are only so many people that your staff can watch at one time. Shoplifters are aware of this and take advantage during hectic business hours by pocketing high value items and leaving you to foot the bill. Having security cameras watch the high-risk areas will transform your store into a daunting target and guarantee that any theft that does happen is caught on camera.


The National Association for Shoplifting Prevention has found that more than $13 billion worth of goods are stolen from retail stores every year and that 1 in every 11 of your shoppers is a shoplifter. A mediocre shoplifter can be nearly invisible to your employees and get away clean without anyone ever knowing they were there.

If there isn’t a security camera system in place, your money could literally be walking out the front door.

Employee Theft

No matter what impression you get of a person or how many background checks are performed, you can never guarantee that an employee won’t steal from your store. Whether it's a pack of pens from the supply drawer or a box full of brand new electronics, the temptation will always be there.

The National Federation of Independent Businesses found that 60% of employees will steal given the opportunity.


This form of shoplifting happens when the cashier doesn’t ring up a customer's item or logs it as a return instead. Since this type of theft doesn’t leave a paper trail, it is almost impossible to detect until the damage is done. Our point of sale (POS) systems track every sale and overlay a digital receipt on the transaction's video clip.

This lets you plug the leaks and stop bleeding money before your ship starts sinking.

Organized Crime

There are organized shoplifting rings across the US that target grocery stores. Razors, laundry detergent, and medicines are stolen and resold on the street. These experienced shoplifters casually enter your store and hide their theft by buying other items, while their actual prize is hidden in their bags or clothing.

Your staff won’t question it and they'll walk out the door with no one noticing.

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