Internal Theft : How a Busines is Vulnerable by It’s Own Employees

I talk to dozens of customer every week, all with a different reason for wanting to implement a surveillance system. The initial reaction we have is to assume external theft is the driving force behind most security camera systems. While that reason certainly ranks high on the list, this is simply not the case. There are other ways that business owners are vulnerable to problems by their own “trusted” employees and for most of those, a video surveillance system can be the simplest and most affordable solution.

  1. Fraudulent Claims – We all know that there are people out there who strive to make a career out of slip and falls. Surveillance cameras have helped to dispute these claims from customers time and time again. But what about employees doing the same? Don’t forget to also include cameras in employee only areas, as well. Remember, your employees are someone else’s customers, and dishonest people don’t tend to turn that off once they are inside the doors of your facility.
  2. Supply Theft – I recently installed a surveillance system for a customer that was inspired to do so because he had discovered that an employee was stealing from his inventory and selling the parts under the table to the company’s customers. After reconciling his inventory, he approximated the total loss to come to roughly $50,000. The cost of the surveillance system that provided him complete coverage of his facility? $7,000. He emphatically shared with me that he wished he had implemented the surveillance system earlier.
  3. Poor Customer Experience – It’s difficult to earn a customer, and possibly more difficult to earn their repeat business. With that being so, the last thing you need is an employee providing a customer with a bad experience. Video surveillance can provide you with the documentation you need to address issues that arise, as well as provide you with training materials to ensure that your customers are receiving the best possible experience.

Be mindful that you may never know the value of the surveillance system that you implement. With the execution of an effective video surveillance system, we can be hopeful that it will cause your patrons and employees alike to be on their best behavior.

  1. Thew ConnellMarch 24, 2013   

    Any business owner that doesn’t have surveillance these days is just waiting for an accident to happen.

  2. Nina ZMarch 28, 2016   

    Question – I would like to install cameras in back office areas at a large retail store, i.e. where cash is counted and safe is located, where general manager works. I was told in South Carolina it is illegal to point a camera at a work station. I can’t imagine this is the case, but need to find out if it’s so. The person was an employee at the College of Charleston. Is there a different regulation covering a school maybe?

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