2011 – An Exciting Year in Security

2011 is an exciting time in the Surveillance industry. We expect even more growth than the year before. Where we expect this growth is in the IP network solutions or IP cameras to be exact. As the market and technology move forward we are seeing a rise in demand for camera solutions to be viewed remotely and that have the ability to be put on a separate network.

One advantage of an IP camera is obviously the resolution. Higher resolution and picture qualities are more obtainable when using this technology. You are able to obtain multi megapixel images versus your traditional resolutions measured in Television Lines.

Another advantage is the ability to back up information multiple times. It is now becoming a standard that most IP cameras come with an SD card slot. This slot will allow the camera to record at the unit itself as well as at the server. We have found this feature to be a strong selling point and very desirable in terms of recording options.

The last advantage which I think is the most important is the ability to create a secure network and integrate with other technologies. IP camera solutions have the ability to work directly with access control systems and POS devices. Just to name a couple. Imagine being able to track a customer from the minute he enters a building till the time he checks out with the exact dollar amount of the transaction.

IP solutions are taking the market by storm and it is strongly recommended jumping on the bandwagon now instead of getting behind the technology and playing catch up. I estimate in the next ten years analog solutions will have vanished.

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