Are you Proactive or Reactive?

When is it that most businesses decide to get a security system? Why does it take a break in, robbery, missing inventory, or vandalism for business owners to decide they need something other than a yard dog?

I think most business owners understand that it is not a matter of if something nefarious will happen, but a matter of when. In this day in age there is absolutely no reason to be reactive instead of proactive. According to the NCVC (National Center for Victims of Crimes) the average cost of a robbery or break in to a business is $19,200 and that monetary loss does not speak about the emotional costs that are added.

Last year the average cost per security camera was $1,200, installed. So in essence, you can have 8 cameras professionally installed for $9,600, and save almost $10,000 not to mention the feeling of security and protection. You can also add a control access system to three doors for $4,200 (national average). So, with a little forward thinking, you can save $5,000 by avoiding a break in. With the control access system and a security camera system you can not only see who is trying to break in but stop that person from getting in. Also, don’t forget about the other perks of a complete security system that can save you money like: inventory control, keeping employees honest and productive, always having control of who is in the building and what time they are allowed access.

The fact of the matter is, you can save money by installing a Surveillance Camera system and by using professionals like Virtual Surveillance you can get a “top of the product” and beat the national average that was mentioned above. You know it’s going to happen, let be smart and be Proactive instead of Reactive.

  1. Anthony FostAugust 18, 2011   

    The cost of purchasing a security system before a major incident happens usually costs less than the losses suffered from the incident.

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