Assessing Your Access Control Needs: Getting Your Foot in the Door (Part 2)

Nathan’s last article on access control solutions was set out to help you understand the different types of doors.  Part 2 focuses on different types of locks.

Access Control can be installed in several types of applications. Doors types are usually pretty common, and there are several different locks that can be installed on each style.

electronic strikeElectronic Strike:

This device can be installed on many different styles of doors but will generally require a metal frame to help support the lock (a door is only as strong as the framing that supports it).

Magnetic Lock:

magnetic lockThis is commonly used when either the frame is not hollow and cannot support a strike. This is a very common lock you’ll find if you have glass or solid metals doors.  You may also find this style of lock on any application that is secured by a double door, whether it be glass, metal or wood.

electric door boltElectric Bolt:

This lock is designed for special applications. You will typically find this type of lock on gates or secured fenced-in areas.

Keep in mind not all doors require a lock mechanism.  Access control can be implemented on several different applications that do not look like your typical door. For example, access control software with a valid badge reader can authorize the opening or closing of parking garage or access gates that you may encounter from within your vehicle. Another example would be electronic sliding doors that you may encounter while walking into office buildings, hospitals, or airports. Again, these doors use a motor to drive the doors open and closed, and they can be monitored by the access control system to give the ability to secure them at any certain time, in addition to providing access to only certain personnel.

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