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Auto Dealer Security Systems

Protecting your car dealership presents a unique security challenge as you have millions of dollars worth of inventory being stored outside with no one on site after hours. This makes car dealerships prime targets for theft and vandalism that can end up costing you tens of thousands of dollars or more.

You have to balance having an open and inviting car lot while still protecting this immensely valuable inventory that your dealership completely depends on being showroom ready every second of every day. We help protect your dealership’s bottom line and keep it running like a fine tuned machine so you can focus on doing what you do best, selling cars.

The right car dealership surveillance system not only prevents your vehicles from being stolen and deters property damage, it also helps you provide a better buying experience for your customers while improving workplace safety and efficiency. Our car dealership security solutions have a proven track record of simplifying security operations, reducing internal theft, and improving staff response time to customers’ needs. From the lots to the showroom and service areas, we provide the tools and resources to keep your lots safe whether you’re on the property or not.

  • Monitor your business operations and business security
  • Prevent inventory theft, vandalism, trespassing, and destruction of property
  • Guards are expensive and ineffective, they can’t be everywhere at once
  • Balance open & inviting with protection on a tight budget
  • Let your staff focus on what they do best
  • HD video to positively identify details and facial features of the perpetrators
  • Continuous protection
  • Lowest total cost of ownership w/ measurable positive ROI
  • Use analytics to track customer habits and crowd formation on your lot
  • Improve customer service from the service center to the showroom and parts storage areas
  • Protect your customers by limiting access to potentially dangerous areas like the body shop or service area
  • Protect yourself from fake liability claims; slip and falls, etc.
Car Dealership Surveillance Monitoring

Debunk Fraud Liability Claims

Our security system solutions maximize visibility throughout your dealership and capture an unbiased account of events on your property in high definition to protect you from fake slip and fall or worker’s compensation claims.

Around the Clock Protection

Unlike a security guard that can only be in one place at a time and becomes complacent after multiple uneventful shifts, our comprehensive security solutions never rest and protect your vehicles, customers, and employees 24/7/365.

Systems Pay for Themselves

With an industry leading lowest total cost of ownership, our dealership surveillance solutions deliver a positive return on investment by preventing inventory theft, vandalism, and destruction of property which saves you tens of thousands of dollars.

Know Who is Where and When

Our dealership security systems help improve staff accountability of access to sensitive areas such as the financial department and parts storage to minimize internal theft, inventory shrink, and protect your customers’ personal information.

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professional security solution engineering

Solution Engineering

Our security experts have intimate experience of the security issues that threaten your dealership. Before any work is done, we’ll perform an in-depth assessment of your dealership to identify internal and external security threats to people and property to keep your operations running smoothly. We’ll work hand in hand with your security teams, information technology department, and building management staff to ensure that your car dealership surveillance system adheres to all compliance regulations and seamlessly integrates with your existing infrastructure.

enterprise video surveillance systems

Our car dealership video security systems incorporate all aspects of your security operations and are tailored to your precise needs so your security system does everything you need it to and nothing you don’t. Whether you have one dealership or a dozen across the state, we have the solution that’s right for you.


Access control systems can be used to keep customers safe and prevent them from entering dangerous areas such as the service area or parts storage while greatly reducing inventory shrink and internal theft by restricting access to sensitive areas to key personnel only. Access control also allows you set a schedule so your external doors automatically lock at a specific time so you don’t have to worry about an employee forgetting to lock up and leaving your entire dealership vulnerable.


License Plate Recognition

Protecting your dealership begins at the entrances and exits to your car lots. With license plate recognition (LPR) cameras at each of these points, you can log and precisely track when a vehicle left the lot and when it returned. With advanced management LPR software integrated to your solution, you can set up vehicle specific profiles and custom criteria based alerts to automatically notify you of specific behaviors on your property as well as allow entry into a gated parking lot by granting access based off of a vehicle’s license plate.

Surveillance Video Management Software

Video Management Software

Knowing your customers’ on-site behavioral patterns can provide the operational intelligence you need to maximize profits by fine tuning your inventory, parking lot layout, and placement of vehicles you want to get the most eyes on. Our versatile video management software also allows the remote monitoring, management, and administration of your car dealership surveillance system from your smartphone, tablet, or remote computer or laptop through a web based client so your dealership is never out of reach.

Partnering with Virtual Surveillance is a win/win: we win using their technology and information, and we win because their service and follow-up is outstanding. I should probably say it is win/win/win, because the pricing is so good! I highly recommend Virtual Surveillance."

– D. Simons, VP of Operations, Brinker International

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