Casino Security Surveillance : The Future Is Now

A lot of casinos are still tied to analog camera solutions, but this industry is slowly moving to HD megapixel surveillance.  Faced with multiple security challenges including false claims, employee theft, table game scams, money laundering and drugs, casinos around the US are upgrading their surveillance to ensure customer and employee safety.

While consumers have stopped using VCRs and are beginning to adopt HD megapixel camera technology on their TVs, recording devices, and cell phones, the VCR is still in use in many Las Vegas casinos.  There are several factors that are helping push the transition to HD surveillance.  Most of the time, there will be a large enough incident to prompt the transition.  HD security camera video can be recorded in real time (30 FPS) and the clarity removes all doubt and gives clear evidence for the casino security staff.

There are some issues to consider when upgrading casinos to the latest technology:casino surveillance

  • Gaming establishments have a set of standards to go by, and these have been written for analog devices, most likely from a non-technical person who may have an analog bias
  • Existing coaxial cable infrastructure and building design
  • Meeting budgets and the approval process
  • Training for new technology

A successful implementation will include the following:

  • Education on the current level of security in use and why it must be replaced
  • The proposed HD surveillance solution and why it needs to be used
  • The cost associated with implementing a new solution and how it compares to the benefits the casino will receive
  • Testimonials from previous customers that have used your HD surveillance solution and experienced the benefits

The transition from analog VCR security to HD megapixel surveillance is gaining momentum in the casino market and eventually there will be standards set in place by regulators for HD surveillance.

  1. JonathanMay 03, 2012   

    Great comparison of existing casino surveillance to the future of casino surveillance.

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