CCTV Planning: It’s All About The Little Things

There are many important factors to consider when purchasing a CCTV camera system – camera type, shape, lens, cables, DVR, etc.  Some smaller but important items often get overlooked during the planning stages.  Here are some key things to keep in mind that can help improve and prolong your investment.

  1. When choosing a cable, if you decide to go with RG59 Siamese cable, keep in mind that if you are going to have outdoor cameras, it may be a benefit to go with compression connectors. Compression connectors have the ability to create a weather tight seal around the cable to prevent erosion and possible failure of the cable and connectors.
  2. Always be looking forward; as your business expands so will your surveillance system . When building your system and looking at a 4 or an 8 channel system, the cost of replacing the system at a later date can be 50-75% higher than initially going with the next upgraded model. Keep in mind that PC build DVRs, though more expensive than Linux-based DVRs, can be expanded at a lower cost than some standalone DVRs. This can also be used when deciding on power supply units and other items.
  3. Signage can be a very helpful tool in improving your surveillance system.  The more obstacles and notices you can deliver to a thief or intruder, the higher the possibility they’ll take their foul deeds elsewhere.

cctv camera warning sign

  1. MikeFebruary 03, 2012   

    Nice article! Another thing to keep in mind with future camera expansion and cabling, is to think about running Cat5e or Cat6e cable, instead of RG59. You can use video baluns with the network cable for analog cameras. The big benefit here is that this will help future-proof the customer’s system and will make it easy to upgrade to IP cameras at a later date, if the customer decides to do so.

  2. FieldTechGuyMarch 13, 2012   

    Cat5e or Cat6 is a great addition, it can certainly help cut cost in the future

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