Choose HDMI on Standalone DVRs

There are many benefits to having a surveillance system featuring a standalone (analog) DVR. For one, it gives you the power to remotely view your cameras from anywhere in the world via PCs or smartphone devices. And with the ability to add more hard drives, longer viewing times are easily accomplished. Plus, the normal way of viewing cameras through a standalone DVR is ever-evolving as well.

In the past, viewing your cameras may have been accomplished by using a standard CRT television monitor. However, LCD screens have started to become more commonplace as a way of viewing CCTV camera footage, as they offer the benefit of achieving a high-resolution picture with a low-profile body. This has usually been accomplished through a VGA output. But with high definition televisions and high-def cameras becoming more and more popular, we’re beginning to see an increase in HDMI outputs on DVRs.

HDMI supports standard, enhanced, or HD video, plus multi-channel digital audio. Because HDMI was designed specifically for consumer electronics applications, it offers an array of additional enhancements. Standalone DVRs with HDMI will allow you to view your security cameras via a high-definition TV in true HD, so I’m sure you can just imagine the benefit of having a standalone DVR with HDMI output. With HDMI, it’s now completely possible to integrate your home security system into your home theatre system with the same crisp image as if you were watching high definition television.

If you are in the security market, and looking for a major enhancement amongst standalone DVRs, I highly recommend you try one with HDMI; you’ll see why it’s soon to be the future of video output.
cctv hdmi connector

  1. WillMarch 14, 2012   

    Nice article Kedric.

  2. Mike StongApril 04, 2012   

    HDMI is going to become even more important as IP comes to the front of Camera technology with larger and larger MPixel imaging.

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