Choosing The Right Kind of Video Recording Device

Choosing the right kind of recording device for your surveillance system can be difficult at times. This is especially true given the system’s location and its environment. Remote locations can be the trickiest.

In many instances, people need surveillance in isolated locations. Secluded locations are more susceptible to theft and vandalism. Unfortunately, most distant locations are not capable of hosting recording devices.

This is due to the fact that these locations do not contain proper enclosures for the device. Most of the time if an enclosure is present, it does not contain heating and air conditioning. Even if the enclosure contains heating and air conditioning, it has to be properly ventilated. If proper ventilation does not exist, then the recording device is subject to condensation build up on the actual device itself.

A lot of times, enclosures at remote locations are not fully enclosed and still vulnerable to the outside elements. The electronic components within the recording device should not be exposed to extreme dust, heat or cold temperatures. The accumulation of dust has the ability to generate static electricity, which can damage electronic components. Extreme temperatures can have very negative effects on electronic components.

If a proper enclosure is not available, there is the option of implementing the use of an IP surveillance system. But, you will need internet access at the location of your surveillance system. Installing internet access capabilities at a remote location may require a suffice enclosure to house the equipment necessary for internet access.

Whether using a surveillance system with a recording device on site, or an IP surveillance system, a proper enclosure is needed when the system is in a remote location.

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