Consumer Confidence, An Essential Competitive Advantage

One thing that consumers seek when making a purchase is confidence in the company that they are buying from. This is especially true when one decides to purchase surveillance equipment. The costs of surveillance equipment have decreased over the past few years due to increased demands for it. Therefore, more and more purchases are being made by individuals for residential applications. Unfortunately, residential customers have very little knowledge of surveillance systems. The only thing that they know is that they need surveillance.

This is why it is important for a surveillance company to gain the consumer’s confidence. Acquiring the customer’s trust is essential in obtaining their business. The key to consumer confidence is product knowledge. Buying from someone who knows what they are talking about makes the consumer feel confident. This is vitally important when the customer is purchasing something that they have very little knowledge about.

Having the most updated information concerning surveillance equipment is a major competitive advantage. The more that a sales person knows about their product, the more selling points they have to use in order to win more sales. Customers want to buy from people who can make the absolute best recommendations for what they need. The customer wants to feel like the salesperson is genuinely concerned about meeting their surveillance needs and not just trying to make a sale.

Surveillance companies need to not only know their products, but what their customers want out of a product. Knowing what customers want, or what they will want in the future will help determine exactly what products to offer them. Having the right product line can not only meet customer needs, but create new ones as well.

  1. Trey ViktorFebruary 15, 2011   

    I could not agree more. You have to know your products and your customers, be sensitive to their needs and work to ensure their ultimate happiness with you and your product.

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