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Fisheye Security Cameras – Managing Your Company Remotely

We recently installed a surveillance camera system for a government agency in Philadelphia. Management needed a solution that allowed monitoring of the employees without their being alerted to the fact that they were on camera. The video coverage needed to be complete while being discrete. Finally, our client required high-resolution images of a diverse setting including doorways, hallways, cubicles and offices.

Virtual Surveillance was able to provide an elegant solution – the 5MP Fisheye IP Camera! The unique profile of the Fisheye makes it not immediately identifiable as a camera. Additionally, because of the two-way audio feature built-in to the Fisheye cameras, management was able to tell their employees that our team installed a ‘mass-notification system.’ The audio functionality allowed management to give announcements throughout their offices over the built-in speakers. This masks the Fisheye’s true purpose – monitoring of employee fraud.

Our professional installation team worked after-hours ensuring as little disturbance to the normal flow of productivity as possible.

Today, management has complete video coverage of their offices while their employees remain unaware.

Eric Nauta

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