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Government Security Systems

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Government Security Camera Systems

We are the experts that government agencies turn to for cutting-edge video surveillance and access control solutions. We have successfully implemented security solutions for government and public facilities, such as:

  • Law Enforcement buildings, police stations and correctional facilities
  • Transportation hubs such as train stations, airports and bus terminals
  • Public buildings, including court houses and embassies
  • Public schools, from pre-school to Universities
  • Public utilities, including water treatment facilities and power plants
  • Public spaces, such as parks and stadiums

Our security cameras & access control solutions have given government agencies across the country the tools to effectively monitor their facilities and protect their assets. Give us a call today to see how we can help you protect your assets at 866-424-9070.

Video Surveillance System Solutions

Free Risk & Needs Assessment

Our expert security consultants will review your existing security measures and work hand-in-hand with your teams to identify risks and threats facing your commercial facility. We'll make recommendations where improvements can be made and design a versatile solution to meet your needs and budget.

Project Management

Your solution will be designed by a team of engineers with 38 combined years of security experience and supervised by a dedicated project manager that's available to address your concerns every step of the way. From the initial system design to implementation and beyond, our team of experts is at your disposal.

Professional Support & Service

We are committed to you and recognize that customer service is the key to success. Our security solutions are designed and supported by our team of engineers, project managers, technical sales representatives, and local security system installation technicians. Protecting your business is our business.

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Surveillance Solutions Designed to Meet Your Needs

Many clients with government projects choose Virtual Surveillance to seamlessly integrate an IP video surveillance system into their existing infrastructure. Our cost-effective and future-proof video security solutions employ loss prevention, visitor management, and high definition video surveillance with endless expansion to grow right alongside your security needs. This has allowed our government security clients to implement a scalable surveillance solution that makes the most out of their budget.

We are committed to providing you with cost-effective video security and access control system equipment to keep your staff and property secure. Call 866-424-9070 or request an estimate for a free risk analysis from one of our experienced surveillance consultants.

High definition security cameras

Turnkey Surveillance Systems

Our user friendly, turnkey video surveillance solutions provide 360° protection and grant you the freedom to manage all aspects of your video security operations from a central location.

Access control card readers

Access Control Systems

A properly installed access control system is most effective means to manage and control who is authorized to have access to your facility and to know who has been in your facility and when.

Surveillance system installer

Expert Installation & Service

Our nationwide network of video security installers possesses the expertise to seamlessly integrate your surveillance system with your facility’s existing fire, video, and alarm system infrastructure.

Partnering with Virtual Surveillance is a win/win: we win using their technology and information, and we win because their service and follow-up is outstanding. I should probably say it is win/win/win, because the pricing is so good! I highly recommend Virtual Surveillance."

– D. Simons, VP of Operations, Brinker International

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