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Hawaii Surveillance Cameras & CCTV Security

Hawaii is a state made up entirely of islands off of the west coast of the continental United States. Hawaii inhabits most of an archipelago in the Pacific Ocean, southeast of Japan and northeast of Australia. The state is comprised of hundreds of islands spread over approximately 1500 miles of the Pacific Ocean. The main island of O’ahu houses the highest density of people at just over 950,000, and stands as the state’s most commercialized island.

Hawaii is a beautiful place that attracts thousands of tourists every year which in turn attracts crime. Virtual Surveillance has been working with commercial, retail, and government facilities in Hawaii since as far back as 2003, helping to provide businesses with the level of security and protection that they require in such a densely populated area.

Virtual Surveillance has a network of CCTV installers in Hawaii that service a wide variety of government, commercial, and retail locations with high quality security camera solutions. Some of our most trusted clients include Hooters, the United States Navy, Hilton Hotels, and United Airlines.

Call Virtual Surveillance today at 866-424-9070 to speak with one of our expert CCTV security camera professionals and schedule a free live demonstration of our security camera systems. You can also request a quote online and have one of our CCTV surveillance system engineers give you a call.

Security Cameras & Surveillance Installation in Hawaii

The state of Hawaii is not without its issues with crime and in 2013 there were more than 46,000 crimes reported of which almost 43,000 were targeted at property. Burglary, theft, and vehicle theft are high throughout the state but business owners can take action to reduce their chances of being a victim. With the implementation of a surveillance system, property owners can monitor their assets, location, staff, and customers to ensure that there is no criminal activity.

Virtual Surveillance specializes in designing custom CCTV security camera systems that can be accessed remotely from a smart device so that business owners can monitor their property even when they are not on-site. Our surveillance systems also feature many alerts such as motion detection and object tracking. Virtual Surveillance has security camera system experts standing by today to help you gain peace of mind by securing your facility.

We offer CCTV Installation in Hawaii and the following cities:

Why Should You Invest in a Hawaii CCTV System?

  • Reduce theft and inventory shrinkage
  • Mitigate your liability risk
  • Increase employee and store productivity
  • Improve customer experience
  • Deter crime and vandalism
  • View and manage your solution remotely

Commercial Grade Hawaii Security Cameras

Our professional grade video surveillance systems offer the latest in surveillance and video analytics. Our systems have been installed across the nation for many of the Fortune 100 companies and government agencies. With state of the art analytics, security personnel can capture and analyze video images according to specific criteria, pre-defined rules, and behavioral triggers to increase efficiency and reduce reliance on human factors.

Expert Design, Installation, & Service

We offer professional installation services for security cameras and access control systems. From affordable small business CCTV surveillance solutions to large-scale enterprise IP security applications and fully integrated video security and access control systems. We offer a 2 year warranty for all of our products and we stand behind our equipment and services. Give us a call today at 866-424-9070 for a free estimate and site survey.

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