Important Accessories to Keep in Mind when Purchasing Your Surveillance System.

Aside from the obvious equipment needed when purchasing your surveillance system like a DVR, cameras, cable and power supply, there are many other useful tools you should know about that often come at a small cost but provide a big benefit when it comes to the efficiency of your system. Here is a list of a few additional items and the reasons these items can boost your system’s impact.

1.)    Signage: This is a visual aid that helps make your system known to those around and, can highly prevent unwanted crimes and theft.

2.)    Audio: For many clients looking to add both systems to residential or business applications audio can be extremely useful and can be recorded on the same unit your cameras are attached to.

3.)    DVR Lock Box: This can be used to secure your DVR to the floor or wall. This would prevent someone from getting into your property and walking off with all the data stored on your DVR.

4.)    Access Control: This can be one of the most beneficial additions to your CCTV but is often overlooked if you use keyed entry to secured areas in your building. This is the most effective way to monitor the flow of traffic through a given area and often times other passage ways can be integrated to work with your CCTV directly.

5.)    Extended Warranties: When finishing your system always ask about the warranties. Often if a company offers an extended warranty it typically comes at a fraction of the price of the equipment. In my history within this industry if a company offers this it can really show the dependability behind the products they sell. This kind of an option is a win-win opportunity for you.

There are some things that companies offer alongside the purchase of equipment you should look for, this is called service. It may come in customer service or more importantly technical support. This is a lifetime obligation from the company to make sure you get what you need, when you need it, and make sure it works how it should. This support can really show the services all companies should have but don’t.

  1. Anthony FostMay 24, 2011   

    Access control is probably the most overlooked necessity when it comes to security. Surveillance is definitley an asset, but it cannot prevent people from entering into restricted areas like access control.

  2. CCTV-TECH-GUYJune 11, 2011   

    I could not agree more Access Control can be a great benif and it is often overlooked, and the price for Access Control has become so much more affordable.

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