Intelligent Video: Analytics

Defining Intelligent Video is rather simple. The reality of intelligent video isn’t so much the intelligence but rather the software used to push higher levels of technology to the edge. A more appropriate term for this would be Analytics. Analyzing the video is actually what the software does.

Video analytics use computers to recognize or identify things of interest without the use of a person to “man the helm.” This software alerts an operator when change occurs and deems to be a more accurate way of observing. A human tends to only be able to effectively observe 8 – 12 cameras for approximately 15 minutes. Analytics never need a break, only power… This makes constant monitoring more accurate and cost effective.

Although computers can be fallible the chance of something being missed is less likely by a CPU than human. The computer still needs human verification to make definitive assessments so eliminating human observation completely is out of the question. That being said, many opinions are that computer monitoring for your surveillance is the best method for continuous surveillance monitoring. Analytics software is what gives the computer the power to do this function.

  1. Mark W.September 07, 2010   

    You are right, when it comes to security personnel or a computer seeing something happen I would rather have the computer doing the work. Also if the person leaves the monitor, the computer is doing it anyway.

  2. CharlieSeptember 12, 2010   

    I currently use video analytics to capture the traffic coming in and out of my establishment. This helps me to forecast which days to have extra personnel available.

  3. B. JohnsonSeptember 30, 2010   

    Good article. I think anytime a computer allows an employee freddom to do other tasks, it is an advantage. Video analytics does so much for the security team, they can have time to concentrate on other things.

  4. Donna S.October 06, 2010   

    Charlie, I like your comment. I also use my system for monitoring activity at my business.

  5. Ken DunwoodOctober 16, 2010   

    Its Amazing how smart these systems are getting

  6. Mark SanverdiOctober 20, 2010   

    excellent points and the details are more specific than elsewhere, thanks.

    – Murk

  7. KeyOctober 27, 2010   

    I agree with Murk. I have searched this topic out online a couple times and this Jack guy seems to break it down to the point. Nice job, Jack!

    -Key Watter

  8. Charlie W.November 07, 2010   

    Video analytics is where most mid to large business systems are headed. From a sales point, dig deep and find out what the system you are installing is capable of doing. You might find some things there you were not aware of!

  9. Bo JeaversNovember 11, 2010   

    This is a GREAT article! It answered some questions I’ve had about Analytics for quite a while! Thanks!

  10. Harry DingleDecember 13, 2010   

    There is no doubt that I trust a computer over a human when it comes to monitoring! I think humans have too many distractions where as a computer just keeps going and going.

  11. John CookDecember 26, 2010   

    From what I understand, Milestone has some amazing software options that can count up to 150 people on camera at once and capture license plates and store them as they drive by.

  12. CCTV-TECH-GUYJanuary 02, 2011   

    I have to say one of the collest features I have seen is the ability to do traffic counting, a feature that counts how many people come in go out of any given door, as well as it can take snap shots of the peoples face as well.

  13. Bill BraskeyJanuary 03, 2011   

    I like how my System sends me alerts on my smart phone!

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