IP Cameras Making Fictional Surveillance A Reality

Until recently, analog cameras were the only available choice for surveillance. While they were useful for identifying and capturing careless thieves, they had no chance of identifying clever thieves who understood their limitations.

Generally speaking, analog cameras are terrible for using software to zoom in digitally. Movies and TV show detectives zooming in on an antagonist’s face or catching a license plate of a passing car. In reality, to get the level of detail needed to achieve these feats, the camera would need to be outfitted with a strong lens and would have a severely limited field of view.

In the past, many small business owners have put minimal emphasis on cameras because of these limitations. IP Cameras are changing all of that. The surveillance camera market is in the process of a digital revolution; camera makers are releasing camera after camera of high resolution digital cameras with previously fictional capabilities.

We offer huge lines of 1.3 megapixel and higher resolution cameras all the way up to 5 megapixels. These cameras have several huge advantages over analog cameras; the largest of these is many times more detailed image clarity. In the past, crooks could rely on approaching cameras at off angles or just staying far enough way that the camera could not get a clear zoomed image. These new cameras can digitally zoom in over 10x as close and still have greater clarity. Getting clear images of perpetrators’ faces and getting the license plate of the getaway car are legitimate possibilities now.

As more businesses implement these new vastly superior security cameras, thieves are going to have to start thinking twice about challenging the quality of the camera; Hollywood Surveillance is here, are you ready?

  1. Ip Camera ManFebruary 13, 2011   

    Absolutely! IP cameras reading license plates are accessible even to homeowners so yes, the crooks will have a difficult time committing crime and getting away with it! Not to mention what added features professional IP surveillance software can provide! But all of it has to be a part of a smart surveillance plan!

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