IP Cameras Revisited

As we wrap the first quarter of the 2011 year we are finding studies are holding true. IP cameras are on the rise. Quickly making its presence in the market in many residences and business throughout the nation, IP cameras are taking the market by storm.  IP cameras offer higher resolution that’s an obvious but, with that comes some things that need thought and serious consideration.

The common misconception is that IP cameras will work at max recording speeds and resolution while storing the same amount of information. This is false. One thing to strongly consider when using this technology is bumping up or acquiring more storage space. On average a 16 camera system running at 15FPS (frames Per Second) Will require at least 12-14 TB’s worth of storage minimum to store for 30 days which on average will leave you with 9 hours of recording time a day. One way to get around from doing this is obviously drop the frame rates.

Higher traffic areas may require more frames. What about the cameras on your system that do not see a whole lot of activity? I suggest dropping these cameras to around 7.5 FPS or even set cameras to motion so they are not recording dead area. This typically can be done through any recording devices software.

  1. CCTV-TECH-GUYApril 20, 2011   

    I believe IP cameras are going to become a very huge success in the surveillance industry the quality and ease the cameras now have make them a great addition, not to mention the great features they come with now.

  2. David FranklinApril 28, 2011   

    IP cameras are the way to go now if your looking into getting or upgrading a surveillance system. The ability to integrate it with access control alarms and into a network makes it more desirable in my mind over your traditional analog system.

  3. Anthony FostMay 24, 2011   

    Recorded video from IP cameras definitely take up a whole lot more hard drive space than analog cameras, probably double the space.

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