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Law Enforcement Security Systems

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Police CCTV Security Camera Systems

Virtual Surveillance provides the latest security camera and video surveillance systems to numerous Federal and State Law Enforcement agencies. We take pride in fulfilling the needs of police departments, security agencies, and other law enforcement officials with innovative products and solutions.

CCTV video footage has been providing law enforcement with valuable evidence that has enabled officials to better solve crimes for years. Over the past decade, the use of in-vehicle security cameras has become commonplace for police and government departments. These factors have made surveillance technology a key player in the investigative process. The Virtual Surveillance team is dedicated to equipping our law enforcement and government customers with the right technology at an affordable price.

In January of 2007, Virtual Surveillance partnered with the Plano Police Department to install security CCTV cameras on its SkyWatch towers to deter theft in shopping area parking lots and to enhance parking lot security. Each SkyWatch tower has four security cameras and a security digital video recorder (DVR) that is capable of transmitting its live footage or archive video to the Plano Police Headquarters on demand.

Video Surveillance System Solutions

Our Police security camera systems offer the following:

  • Crowd Detection - Detects a crowd and generates an alert
  • Missing Object Detection - Instantly generates an alarm when a valuable object goes missing from a designated area
  • Unattended Object Detection - Instantly generates an alarm when an unattended object appears in a defined detection area
  • People / Object Counting - Counts the number of people or objects passing through predetermined areas
  • Facil Detection - Detects human faces in the video and saves them to an index
  • Visual Quality Enhancer - Filter and enhance object visibility from foggy or blurred environment caused by bad weather such as rain, snow or fog
  • Scene Change Detection - Sends immediate notifications if a camera’s field of view changes

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High definition security cameras

High Definition Security Cameras

Virtual Surveillance provides a comprehensive selection of the latest video security cameras with an even larger suite of features to guarantee that we have the right camera for the right places to monitor your facility at any time of day or night and in any weather condition.

Digital Network Video Recorder

Digital Recording Servers

From digital video recorders (DVRs) to network video recorders (NVRs) with NAS servers, we provide commercial grade, enterprise class video recorders with unmatched performance and reliability to suit your precise security needs.

Video Security Management Software

Video Management Software

With pre-configured criteria based rules, behavior triggered events, and advanced monitoring features, video management software automates aspects of your security operations while consolidating the administration of numerous video security systems to a single location. We provide video management software solutions by GeoVision, Video Insight, Milestone, and Hikvision.

security risk assessment

Solution Integration

No matter how complex your security needs, we will work hand in hand with your security and loss prevention teams to design a comprehensive solution tailored to your location that does everything you need and nothing you don’t. Our professional staff of engineers, consultants, and integrators have the experience to seamlessly integrate your surveillance solution with your existing infrastructure.

License Plate Recognition

License Plate Recognition

License plate recognition (LPR) cameras at the entrances and exits to your property capture and log every vehicle that visits your location. This data can be used to set up user profiles, approved schedules, and generate automatic notifications and alerts based off of pre-set criteria.

Partnering with Virtual Surveillance is a win/win: we win using their technology and information, and we win because their service and follow-up is outstanding. I should probably say it is win/win/win, because the pricing is so good! I highly recommend Virtual Surveillance."

– D. Simons, VP of Operations, Brinker International

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Other Law Enforcement Security Customers:

  • Bunkie Police Department
  • Chickamauga Police Department
  • City of Angleton Police Department
  • City of Greensburg Police
  • City of Kirtland Police
  • Clarksville Police Department
  • Harrisburg Police Department
  • Haskins Police Department
  • Hudson Falls Police Department
  • Lititz Police Department
  • Olney Police Department
  • Put-In Bay Police Department
  • Sandy City Police Department
  • Somonauk Police Department
  • University of Northern Colorado Police
  • City of Lower Burrell Police Department
  • Bucksport Marine Police Department
  • Holly Ridge Police Department
  • Mineral Wells Police Department
  • Woodbury Police Department
  • Oak Harbor Police Department
  • Hoopa Valley Tribal Police Department
  • Ascension Parish Sheriff's Department
  • Carter County Sheriff
  • Clear Creek Sheriff
  • Crocket County Sheriff
  • Fayette County Sheriff
  • Grand County Colorado Sheriff
  • Lafourche Parish Sheriff
  • Natchitoches Parish Sheriff
  • New Hanover Sheriff
  • Raleigh County Sheriff
  • St. Martin Parish Sheriff
  • Sumner County Sheriff
  • Sumter County Sheriff
  • Tompkins County Sheriff
  • Washakie County Sheriff
  • Wood County Sheriff
  • Hamilton County Sheriff
  • Racine County Sheriff

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