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Marathon Bolsters Security Cameras Before the Big Day

Marathons draw tens of thousands of runners, spectators, and event staff to the host city every year for a fun, safe race to the finish line. However, having this many people packed together in the heart of the city presents local Police with a logistical nightmare in patrolling the crowds, spotting potential threats, and responding to incidents before they get out of control. The horror the nation witnessed during the Boston Marathon Bombing of 2013 made it even more important for marathon security teams to have maximum visibility throughout the crowds for the safety of everyone in attendance.

The organizers behind the Honolulu Marathon, one of the largest in the country, and the Honolulu Police Department (HPD) improved their marathon’s security last year with the addition of security cameras and additional Police and event staff patrolling the crowds and they’ve built upon these measures with an additional 13 high definition security cameras installed along the route to monitor the race. The HPD has also allocated nearly 500 officers and multiple canine units to work the event. Rather than having the police officers and event staff working in two separate groups, these teams will work side-by-side to improve communication and reduce response time to potential incidents in the crowd.

As an extra security measure, the event’s staff will also clear walkways of trash and any other items that might impede runners or attendees and be on the lookout for any abandoned parcels, boxes, bags, or objects so they’re reported immediately.

Brian Merritt

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