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Intelligent IP Video Surveillance Made Simple

Get the software that's ready to tackle tomorrow's needs!

Milestone seamlessly expands your system to your company's growth

When your business grows so does your security needs, it's the burden of success. Milestone helps you avoid growing pains by growing with your company and endlessly expand to support an unlimited number of cameras, servers, and users.

Managing single and multi-facility systems is a breeze

Every system comes packed with extra features to make your life easier

  • Stay in touch with your iPhone / Android smartphone or tablet
  • Supports 1,500+ cameras from over 80 manufacturers
  • Simple configuration wizards for easy setup & management
  • Endlessly expandable to manage an unlimited number of cameras
  • Intuitive facility map based system navigation
  • Built-in LPR & point-of-sale software integration
  • Automatic camera discovery for a speedy installation
  • Manage your entire network from a central location

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Our experts will engineer an easy-to-use, yet powerful, system to your needs

Regardless of the size of the project, there's a Milestone software solution specifically for you. From a single location to a multi-site, multi-server network, no system is too complex for our engineers. Our turnkey surveilance solutions are designed, built, and installed by our experienced staff with your needs in mind. Get in touch today to get your project started.

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Hooters Restaurants

"We couldn't be happier with the cameras, servers, software, and technical support that we have gotten from Virtual Surveillance!"

J. Hall, Director of Information Technology, Hooters Management Corporation

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Milestone is the smart choice for IP video management solutions

Get the most robust, comprehensive, & versatile video management software out there!

Automate Your System to Reduce Manual Tasks

Milestone's versatile rule engine allows you to easily automate a wide variety of security actions as well as controlling extrenal systems to eliminate the need for manual tasks.

  • Simple, step-by-step rule generation & management
  • Easily create single or multi-event rules & triggers
  • Instantly see video footage of a triggered alarm
  • Schedule doors to be unlocked at a specific time
  • Automatically record when motion is detected

Easy-to-Use Software Installation & Configuration Wizards

Mapping your network of IP cameras is usually the most time-instensive part of implementing a large-scale security solution.

Milestone's IP video management software comes with a built-in network IP camera auto-detection function that automatically identifies and maps the cameras in your system to drastically reduce installation time.

Managing users, creating rules, and changing system settings is easy with the step-by-step wizards that quickly guide you through the setup and end up reducing your installation costs.

Intuitive Floor Plan Solution Management

A recreation of your facility can be uploaded to the system & expanded to show a comprehensive overview of your entire system network.

  • Quickly navigate system by camera locations
  • Drag-and-drop placement of cameras on your floor plan
  • View live & recorded video in a pop-up window
  • Create maps for each floor of your facility
  • Link floors together to navigate by building

Stay connected with your system network from anywhere in the World!

Milestone has three interfaces so you can see your cameras on-site, off-site, or on-the-go

XProtect Smart Client

  • Floor plan based navigation
  • Create and manage alarm events
  • Easily manage permission levels
  • Supports 1500+ cameras by 80 brands
  • See live & recorded video at one time

XProtect Web Client

  • Open & close doors while off-site
  • View entire system network
  • Stream live & recorded video
  • Compatible with all web browsers
  • Zero additional software needed!

Milestone XProtect Mobile

  • See & manage your system anywhere
  • Works with your iPhone / Android device
  • See alerts from your system instantly
  • Control doors & lights while off-site
  • View live & recorded video

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