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Mississippi's three million inhabitants make it the 31st most populous state. Most of its densely forested territory lies in the low hills of the East Gulf Coastal Plain.

The majority of farm-raised catfish consumed in the US are produced in Mississippi, and cotton remains the state's most important crop, although many other agricultural products are also important to its economy. Mississippi's gambling revenue was second highest among the fifty states before Hurricane Katrina extensively damaged several of its casinos in 2005. The Bureau of Economic Analysis estimates that the total state product was $98 billion in 2010.

Mississippi is known for its contributions to American music, like the Delta blues, and literature, such as the works of William Faulkner. The Margaret Walker Center at Jackson State University is home to the nation's second largest collection of the works of modern black female authors.

Security Camera Installation in Mississippi

CCTV Surveillance Systems Help Reduce Crime in Mississippi

The overall rate of property crime in Mississippi, at 2,800 crimes per hundred thousand residents, was on par with the US average in 2012, and the statewide rate declined 10% alongside the nation's between 2007 and 2012. However, state burglary rates remain 37% higher than the national average.

Security camera systems are widely recognized as one of the most cost effective means for businesses and homeowners to deter criminal activity. Virtual Surveillance engineers and installs cutting-edge, purpose-built technology with features like high-res IP cameras, visual quality enhancers, and scene change detection—all backed by our top-class customer service and technical support.

Video Security Solutions for Mississippi Casinos

Altogether, Mississippi's thirty casinos grossed nearly $2.3 billion and served 25 million visitors in 2012—a daily average of $210,000 and 2,300 visitors per casino. With such a large customer volume, it's imperative that casino owners take advantage of the latest developments in CCTV video surveillance technology to keep their patrons safe and their revenue secure.

Virtual Surveillance is a leader in casino surveillance systems. Our products are approved by the state gambling commissions of Nevada, Washington, and Colorado, and are widely used in those states. Large casinos can take advantage of our enterprise network solutions designed to handle thousands of cameras. For smaller casinos, we offer stand-alone DVRs as a replacement for analog VCRs without compromising features or functionality.

Security Cameras & Video Surveillance Installation in Mississippi

We have been providing professionally designed and installed CCTV security systems across the nation for more than a decade. Our products are trusted by commercial, industrial, and government clients in the state of Mississippi, such as Speedway, Signal International, Mississippi College, and the US Air Force. Call us at 866-424-9070 to speak with one of our certified security experts about an obligation-free security consultation and live demo. You can also request a quote online.

We offer Surveillance System Installation in Mississippi and the following cities:

Why Should You Invest in a Mississippi CCTV System?

  • Reduce theft and inventory shrinkage
  • Mitigate your liability risk
  • Increase employee and store productivity
  • Improve customer experience
  • Deter crime and vandalism
  • View and manage your solution remotely

Commercial Grade Mississippi Security Cameras

Our professional grade video surveillance systems offer the latest in surveillance and video analytics. Our systems have been installed across the nation for many of the Fortune 100 companies and government agencies. With state of the art analytics, security personnel can capture and analyze video images according to specific criteria, pre-defined rules, and behavioral triggers to increase efficiency and reduce reliance on human factors.

Expert Design, Installation, & Service

We offer professional installation services for security cameras and access control systems. From affordable small business CCTV surveillance solutions to large-scale enterprise IP security applications and fully integrated video security and access control systems. We offer a 2 year warranty for all of our products and we stand behind our equipment and services. Give us a call today at 866-424-9070 for a free estimate and site survey.

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