On the Edge Recording

IP technology has many advantages such has resolution and functionality. But, one function/feature is commonly overlooked. It is called on the edge recording.

Let just say you have an IP camera system.  It is late and someone breaks into the facility whether it be your home or place of business.  This suspect is not your typical suspect he or she has done this before and decides to cut the video feed or steal the recording device.

Have no fear! With IP cameras you have the ability to record despite the lack of cabling back to your NVR. The obvious is certain the more footage you have the more likely you are to properly identify the assailant. This is achieved by the IP cameras ability to store to a SD card that you can insert into the rear of the camera. So even if the video feed is lost you still have the ability to record.

  1. Anthony FostApril 30, 2011   

    Hopefully they won’t cut the power wire! If they do, then the recording on the edge feature will not work.

  2. David FranklinMay 07, 2011   

    Correct. But I have found that most commonly the suspects try and take the unit all together.

  3. FredMay 18, 2011   

    I like this option nice to know it exists just in case

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