Picking the Right Access Control Locks for your Property

When looking into choosing you locks, don’t forget a very important step in the development of your access control application. You will typically find three styles of locks: Electronic Magnetic Locks, Electric Strikes, and Electric Deadbolts. These items are needed to secure the door in place until a valid badge-read releases the device to allow entry. Mag locks are typically found when the door is made of solid steel, metal or wood. The reason this is more common is due to the fact these particular doors are not pre-drilled for the device to be installed. They get surface-mounted to the door and/or to the top of the door frame.

In the event you may need to secure a gate or another small entry door, a mag-lock can be used when the door might be too thin or slim for another method. Electric strikes and bolts are more commonly used in doors that are hollow or have existing latch handles that can be removed and replaced with a bolt or strike.

As far as how long it takes to install, the typical mag-lock can be installed in about 15-20 minutes making its installation very simple and quick, while strike and bolt locks can take a little more time due to the fact they must be fitted in the door properly before installation is completed.

  1. Anthony FostJune 12, 2011   

    Strike locks may be the easiest to put in since they are approved by most state laws and fire codes. They also don’t require the installation of push button releases.

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