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President Obama’s Visit to India Spurs Security Overhaul

Anytime the leader of a foreign country visits your own, special security measures are taken to not only protect them while they’re in your capital, but to also prevent a possible international incident. President Obama’s visit to New Delhi, India in a few days is no different except that the Indian government isn’t taking any chances when it comes to the President of the United States’ (POTUS) safety.

Not only will the entire capital be shut down for the duration of the President’s visit, over 15,000 video surveillance cameras are being installed, a temporary “no-fly” zone is being established, over 50,000 security personnel will be employed, and a dedicated team of secret service agents will be by President Obama’s side at all times. This seven-layered security blanket encompasses physical security, video surveillance, radar to detect projectiles from up to 400km away, and was not extended to either of China’s or Russia’s leaders during their stay in India.

After President Obama lands at the New Delhi international Airport, he’ll be under constant surveillance by upwards of 60,000 CCTV cameras while he visits Mahatma Ghandi’s memorial, the Taj Mahal, and during his time at the Indian president’s residence. The Indian government’s greatest concern is when the President will be seated outside for nearly an hour and a half for a parade which was the main motivator for the extensive overhaul in their security measures.

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