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Security Camera and Access Control System Integration

Controlling access to business facilities and private property is often a requirement in today’s world, even more so than in the past.

Application varies, of course, but you might see anything from keypads to biometric scanners on doors, gates, or other entry and access points throughout a facility. These systems are in place to protect company assets and employees from both internal and external threats.Access Control Security Camera Logs

In the past, integrating these access control systems with security cameras to create a more comprehensive solution

Now, however, with advances in IP network surveillance and access control technology, we can design and implement much more complex and useful systems that seamlessly integrate high quality CCTV cameras with access control systems.and allow for true identification and cataloging of individuals or vehicles was difficult, clunky, low quality, and plagued with functionality issues.

CCTV Camera & Access Control Integration Video

These complete access control surveillance systems capture photo and video of the user, which is then attached to the access logs for archival and review purposes. Data is transmitted over the facilities computer network, stored using network attached storage devices, and is even accessible via mobile devices.

More complex security camera and access control systems use facial or license plate recognition, along with other forms of authentication, to allow or deny entry to individuals or vehicles.

Access Control KeypadsAdministrators can review video and data logs, and even control access functionality, such as locking or unlocking a door, remotely from their phone, tablet, or laptops. Real-time text and e-mail alerts, multi-level authorization, event triggered recording, and integration with alarm and fire systems are all features we also include in many installations.

This type of access control functionality was unheard of just a few short years ago, when it was only seen in TV shows and movies, but is becoming more commonplace today as companies and enterprises tighten security to cut internal losses and protect themselves from external threats.

Let Virtual Surveillance be Your Integrator

Virtual Surveillance is proud to say that our engineers and technicians are on the leading edge of technology, ready and willing to design, install, configure, and train clients on any size access control surveillance system for small or large business facilities.

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