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Surveillance Solution Installation

Protecting your business is our business

Professional Surveillance System Installation

The security threats your business faces evolve with each passing year and the days of having a single security guard with a paper sign-in sheet to keep your company safe are long over. Virtual Surveillance has designed, engineered, and installed modern surveillance solutions to protect thousands of clients across all industries and sectors from the modern security threats to their people, assets, and properties. From initial discovery to implementation and integration, our staff of security professionals is there at every step of the way to ensure that your video surveillance system installation goes smoothly.

At Virtual Surveillance, protecting your business is our business and we take great pride in our ability to solve your company’s security challenges. We place a heavy emphasis on technical expertise throughout every facet and level of our organization so your security system installation is done right the first time. No matter how complex or extensive your system, our network of local surveillance installation specialists possess the expertise and quality of workmanship to seamlessly integrate your solution with your existing infrastructure.

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Extensive Quality Checks

We take our commitment to professional workmanship seriously. Before your security camera system installation is officially complete, our technicians perform an in-depth quality assurance inspection to verify that your solution performs as designed and adheres to our rigid quality standard.

Flexible Installation Schedule

We understand that you may not want to advertise that you’re installing security cameras at your business. Perhaps you’re trying to catch employee theft in the act. Our surveillance system installers will work around your schedule, even if that means only working after business hours.

End to End Support & Service

Our dedication to customer service sets us apart from other surveillance firms. If you ever have questions about your security solution installation or the operation of your system, our project management and support teams are at your disposal so you get the answers you need.

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Free Security Threat Assessment

Before any work is done, our surveillance experts audit your location’s existing security measures and assess your building’s floor plan to identify internal and external security threats facing your facility. Their findings will be consolidated into a list of recommendations where improvements can be made and equipment can be placed to maximize the protection of your people and property.

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Solution Engineering

There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all security solution. Our engineers will work closely with your security and loss prevention teams to design a versatile video surveillance solution that is tailored to your location’s precise security needs and business objectives while making sense on your budget. We know that operating budgets are tight for security so we engineer surveillance solutions with the lowest total cost of ownership to deliver a positive return on investment and offset the original cost of the solution.

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Surveillance Solution Installation

With our nationwide network of local security system installers, you can rest easy knowing that we can implement your end-to-end solution whether you’re protecting a single property or a chain of locations across the country.

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Professional Support & Service

With unparalleled technical expertise and customer support, we are committed to providing you with the training, answers, and support you need to effectively manage your surveillance solution. Our teams of engineers, project managers, technical account managers, and support technicians are always at your disposal so that no question goes unanswered or concern unheard.

Partnering with Virtual Surveillance is a win/win: we win using their technology and information, and we win because their service and follow-up is outstanding. I should probably say it is win/win/win, because the pricing is so good! I highly recommend Virtual Surveillance."

– D. Simons, VP of Operations, Brinker International

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