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Security System Layering : Deter Deviants Before They Can Act

With surveillance being taken to the next level, homeowners, businesses and government entities are increasing the number of layers on their surveillance solutions. This yields to more outdoor surveillance being implemented at the first tier, or the initial barrier/layer, for the security system. This is where the security begins as stopping an intruder before they come onto your property / site is paramount. When implementing this first layer of exterior surveillance, there are many factors to take into consideration.

  • The Elements : Ensuring that the cameras are built and specifically intended for outdoor use is very important. There are cameras on the market that are pressurized and enclosed to properly handle fluctuating temperature changes, rain, and snow.Visibility : If visibility at night time or in low light conditions is important, make sure that the cameras have IR capabilities or is a Day/Night rated camera that is capable of seeing in low light situations without infrared lighting.
  • Camera Range : Understanding the range of the camera for visibility and analytics performance is very important, as well. This will help to eliminate blind spots in critical areas that need to have coverage. In certain applications such as prisons and law enforcement facilities, overlapping camera coverage is absolutely essential and a basic requirement. This will also help reduce vulnerable penetration points and provide maximum field of views.
  • Analytics Software : Utilizing outdoor analytics such as masking can help to alleviate inadvertent recording. Remember, in an outdoors application, everything is prone to movement so masking can be instrumental in having constructive surveillance. This will keep your recorded footage relevant and applicable to your application.

Please keep in mind that cameras can move due to wind whether they are installed on a bridge, pole or building. Ensure that your cameras have electronic stabilization so that the cameras can handle the vibrations that the elements and structures may yield. For more info to help create an effective and properly layered security system, contact one of our highly certified account managers @ 1-866-424-9070 or e-mail us @ info@vs-us.com


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  1. Thew Connell on March 24, 2013 at 3:54 pm

    Well written! Thank you for the perspective!

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