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Security CCTV Integrators : The Best vs. The Worst

Recently, a number of technology vendors were interviewed and asked a few questions regarding the best and worst integrators in the industry.  Below are the most common questions and respective answers from some of the industry’s leading vendors.

  1. “What are the 3 key attributes of the best integrators?”  The first was leadership, the second was innovation, and the third: discipline.
  2. “What are the 3 most common mistakes you see integrators making?”  The first was that they do not have a long-term plan/road map, the second was that they did not offer a good value proposition and the third was an incorrect product versus solution orientation.
  3. “Where are most integrators categorized?”  According to the technology vendors that were interviewed, most integrators fall in the middle, meaning that they have to distinguish themselves among average solution providers.

security integratorsWorking with technology means that you need to have a drive that includes an ever-increasing education and thirst for knowledge.  This is on both vendors and integrators to continuously keep learning and be able to provide the correct solution for the correct customer needs/budget.

Brian Merritt

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