Should Security Cameras be Hidden?

I have had many people coming to me in the recent months asking about covert cameras. If you are looking at implementing a new CCTV system into there are two ways you can go about doing it walk around your property and find the vulnerable areas that need to be more secure that could use a camera placed on or around a certain area. You want people to be able to see the cameras, there are many cameras on the market know that are small but visible and will not become a eye sore on your home. Letting people know there is a system in place can certainly play in your benefit, let’s say you spend a solid amount and have a system installed on your home. If somebody walked up to your home wanting to break in, would you prefer them see your cameras and decide maybe I should pick a different house, or would you rather them be unaware of your surveillance system, and they break in maybe your family is home or they steal valuable items. I would have to say I would have rather prevented the situation then have to be reactive of the situation and perhaps place my belongings or family in a situation. Business surveillance is a different case, most situations do not require covert cameras in businesses unless there are internal theft issues. Again typically you want your system to be seen and know, to prevent theft or other crimes from occurring. Use signage as another form of prevention to help stop unnecessary issues.

  1. GilesJuly 25, 2011   

    Great Point!!! I’ve often had this discussion with clients on whether they wanted to hide their cameras or have them visible. There are many different types of Cameras that don’t have to be big and bulky rather you want to utilize the cameras initial purpose, to let them know this place is being watched. Awesome point Nathan

  2. Anthony FostAugust 18, 2011   

    Most covert cameras have low resolution. It’s best to just purchase some standard size cameras with decent resolution.

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