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One of the most asked question I hear daily in the CCTV industry is, “May I view my surveillance system from my smart phone?”  We can all recognize the crazy growth of smartphone usage over the past few years, and at the rate the CCTV industry is climbing, it makes sense that the demand for viewing a surveillance system over a phone would increase.

The “phone application” feature is one that allows business owners, executives, and parents a peace of mind that allows them to focus on more important tasks other than the accountability of an employee, husband, or son.

Setting up an app is not always as straight forward as you might be told. All apps require a minimum of three things: IP address, password, and port numbers. The specifics might not always be known by the user, so having technical assistance could be crucial.

You do want to confirm with your CCTV supplier what apps are compatible with your DVR. However, please do not be intimidated by the ease of use these applications provide. Many new and exciting features are soon to hit the market in the way of smartphone viewing, and this promising growth is sure to please home and business users alike.

  1. JonathanMay 03, 2012   

    Great article Will

  2. Nathan WeaverJune 04, 2012   

    Its no suprise that this is one of the largest selling points in the CCTV industry right now.

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