Video to go: The applications and components of mobile video

When mobile video is referenced, it falls into one of two general categories.  One is the ability to view video from a mobile device (e.g. a smart phone)  or  the ability to record video from a moving vehicle.

In the first example, the uses include the ability to view video streams from your home security video surveillance system ( examples might include checking your camera feed on the front porch to see if a package arrived from a delivery service, or the feed from the camera checking on the new puppy, or giving you piece of mind to check on your home while on vacation).  Or as a business owner or head of security for a commercial interest, you might want to check in on your video surveillance system from any location with an internet connection.  As a parent, imagine the ability to view your child at a care center to see how their day is going.

What components are required to have this ability?  First on the side of the video system, the hardware needs to be connected to the internet.  Also the software that resides on the video recorder needs to have the ability to provide remote viewing.  The software may have the ability for viewing only from a pc with an internet connection.  To view from a smart phone requires that an application exist on both the smart phone and on the video recorder.   Generally supported platforms include the iPhone, Android, and Blackberry devices.

What applications drive the need for recording on the move?  These would include monitoring of a vehicle fleet such as school or city buses, law enforcement vehicles or taxis.  In addition, the capture of live video feeds is important for storm chasers, law enforcement, and the news media.   In this example, the components required would be cameras and video recorders designed for mobile environments.  Some applications will add the integration of GPS and GIS systems.  The video is then uploaded via a device that provides connection to a Wi-Fi, 3G/4G or satellite network.   The future will bring expansion of the capabilities of wireless networks and devices that bring mobile recording into the hands of the average consumer as well.

  1. Anthony FostJune 12, 2011   

    The ability to view live video from my iPhone is awesome! It seem as you can do everything on the go now from your cellular device!

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