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Taking Advantage of NVR Software

The installation and operation of a security system has changed dramatically over the past few years.  Especially when you consider all of the feature-rich software packages that now come with many of the IP-based cameras on the market today.  Fifteen years ago, a security camera that offered 380TVLs of resolution was acceptable for most applications.  Now we have a new set of expectations when it comes to video resolutions – starting at 1.3MP and above.  However, it isn’t enough for the consumer just to have a megapixel resolution – they expect the NVR software to be just an innovative.

That’s where the new release of our NVR software comes in.  Although I would love to tell you in detail all of the new feature-sets our NVR software offers, I will list only a few key selling points here:

  • GPU Decoding
  • Non-Stop Recording
  • Wide Angle Lens De-warping in Live View and ViewLog
  • Object Tracking in Fisheye 360 View
  • Enhanced POS Text Sender
  • Video Wall
  • Matrix Display Monitor
  • Record by Events
  • Record by I/O Trigger

If you are interested in finding out more information about our software, you may contact us anytime at 866-424-9070 or visit our website at www.vs-us.com

Jonathan Copp

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