Technology Instead of People

Jan 26, 2011 by Brian Merritt Category: Uncategorized 0 comments

The demand for technology is ever increasing. Not only do people want the latest and greatest iPhone to keep up with their friends on Facebook on the go, but businesses also demand the most recent technology. Technology allows businesses to gain a competitive foothold in their industry. A key to having a competitive advantage is securing assets. One way to protect assets is through video surveillance.

Video surveillance is almost an absolute necessity at any place of business that contains valuable assets. Video surveillance is a lot more reliable than surveillance performed by human beings. People tend to make mistakes and often miss important events that are a threat to security. Although surveillance systems can malfunction, their reliability is higher than an overnight security guard. In comparison to humans, surveillance systems have the potential to almost never get sick, bored, distracted or fall asleep on the job. That is of course if they are upgraded and maintained properly.

These are the reasons why one will notice more and more cameras popping up in various locations all over the world. Human beings are being replaced with video surveillance. This is mainly due to reliability and cost issues. Surveillance systems do not require health insurance, paid vacations or overtime pay.

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