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We looked for a DVR camera system for 3 months and then we decided to go with Virtual Surveillance. We felt that Virtual Surveillance was a customer oriented company which would work with us to develop the right camera system for Fluid Bar and Lounge.

We looked at other systems, the service offering, and the management of the various companies and we came to one conclusion. Virtual Surveillance was the company we wanted to use for our 16 camera system. V.S. had the knowledge breathe, provided the customer service, came in with the bid lower than most of the competition and work with us to design the right system for our business.

In short, Virtual Surveillance provided everything we wanted in a video surveillance system and did it at a much better price than the other companies. I highly recommend Virtual Surveillance to anyone looking to add or upgrade a video surveillance system.

Peter Man,
Managing Partner
Fluid Bar and Lounge

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