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I would like to take a moment to express my most sincere appreciation to your company for an outstanding product, excellent price, and unsurpassed technical support/service department. I have had your system installed for approximately 6 months. Although, it has cost me several employees (by identifying theft of time, money and product) your system has, literally, already paid for itself and saved me thousands of dollars and countless hour of defense/proof related matters involving: liability, unemployment, and business claims

Your system is an invaluable tool for both recording and remote monitoring through the best software that I have observed. The cost of the system will automatically be budgeted into any future businesses that I am involved in, simply because it is a “must have” piece of equipment to ensure that the greatest bottom line profit is attained.

Virtual Surveillance offers top quality products, backed by equally impressive support. I highly recommend both your service and product to any business owner/operator.

A Most Satisfied Customer,
Robert G. Millsap
Owner - Taco Casa Restaurant

Case Studies

Workman’s Compensation Defense:

I had an employee that stated she had an accident in the store due to a slippery floor. I reviewed the digital, watermarked video footage and found that the actual reason for the accident was due to “that employee” and fellow employee popping each other with towels and one slipped trying to dodge the other. Case dismissed!

Unemployment Liability Claim Defense:

I fired an employee who rang a few items on the drive-thru and handed out the food/drink “Plus” another item that was not rang up. Due to the “Point Of Sale” interface, which I have installed, I was able to verify items rang up vs. items handed out. Thus providing me with the court admissible evidence of digital, watermarked video footage including the items, time, dollar amount charged and product actually delivered. Case dismissed!

Theft of Time:

Four employees appeared to be clocking out for break and then left for 30 minutes. When they returned, they pretended to clock back in. In actuality, they never clocked out for break or back in. Since I use my POS for clock-in and clock-out, using the archived video, I was able to prove that their actions were fraudulent and that they were stealing through falsely claimed hours worked. Theft wages recovered, employees terminated, unemployment benefits denied!

Theft of Product:

An employee rang up a small drink but produced a large. POS interface allowed the production of positive evidence of the occurrence!

Better Business Bureau Defense:

An employee’s mother was irate that her daughter had been shorted on her pay check due to manipulation of time by the manager and threatened to file a claim to the Better Business Bureau and Texas Workforce Commission. Through POS interface, I was able to enter the employees name and search for exact times clocked in and out. This took approximately 10 minutes to do for a 2-week pay period and resulted with a video CD containing watermarked digital video footage including the times and the presence of the her daughter clocking in and out. Fact; daughter was telling her mother that she was working late, when in actuality, she was leaving early every day. The gain to me was that I had zero bad publicity spread through word of mouth, zero dollars spent on legal fees defending a fraudulent claim, and it only took 10 minutes of my time. Without this system, it would have been word -against- word. With it, TOTAL release/protection from any wrong doing!

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