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The Future of Red Light Camera Enforcement

Red light cameras have been around for a while now but what most drivers don’t know is that tickets issued from red light cameras are not as enforceable as a ticket you would receive from a cop. Recent public backlash and high cost of maintaining these cameras has caused some cities to reconsider them.

In some cities the fines could go as high as several hundred dollars. Although most don’t know, in Los Angeles the fines from these surveillance cameras are voluntary as the courts find them hard to prove. LA city officials have decided to dump the cameras, Houston has eliminated the cameras a while back, and other cities are not far behind.

The supporters of the red light camera argue that many lives have been saved due to presence of these surveillance cameras. A study done by Institute for Highway Safety shows that during 4-year study period 158 lives have been saved in 14 large US cities.

Brian Merritt

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