The IP Take Over

The entire market is flooded right now with the transition ideas of sharing networks. Its now easier than ever to monitor away from the site on many mobile devices such as cell phones and laptops.  As the age pushes forward we will see a strong decrease in the amount of popularity base that traditional analog systems have. IP integrators seem to be enjoying the ease and comfort of being able to stream over the web while also taking full advantage off the ease of install. Typically it’s been known two – three runs per camera. Now Ip has it down to one with the use of CAT5 and POE ( power over Ethernet) technology. This Technology is used to pass electrical power, along with data over Ethernet networks.

  1. CCTV-TECH-GUYDecember 13, 2010   

    I am so excited to see the IP industry taking a turn to a more affordable more intergrated solutions, the cameras are so complex and technical. I believe it is a valuable turn for the industry.

  2. Carl R.December 16, 2010   

    It is what the educated customer is wanting now. As more customers are educated on what is available, more IP systems will be installed.

  3. Levon HudsonDecember 23, 2010   

    This technology is complex…. The install is soooo smoothe and easy. It is beautiful how these two go so well together!

  4. Jorge JonesDecember 26, 2010   

    Facinating. Power over ethernet sounds like useful technology.

  5. C. JohnsonDecember 26, 2010   

    Great information. Nice that technology has come so far and at the same time made it easier for the installer.

  6. Bill BraskeyJanuary 02, 2011   

    I new 10 years ago that Surveillance Cameras would be linked up to the Internet. Glad to see it is making our lives easier and the technology is amazing as well!

  7. Hayden F>January 04, 2011   

    Since IP cameras are becoming more popular, I am also seeing the cost go down. I would suggest if you are moving in the IP direction, you should be sure you are purchasing from a vendor you trust and will stand behind their products.

  8. Ip Camera ManFebruary 13, 2011   

    PoE saves the hassle with the power supply cables! Excellent solution!

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