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The New Ease of Access

Access control has been making multiple large changes in how they can be setup and managed. The process continues to become more integrated and more sophisticated, with both the initial build as well as with the end result.

Mag locks are becoming more compact and easier to install, electric strikes now come with proximity readers all as one devise saving time on installation. In the past a access control system consisted of so many pieces that the thought of completing the system seemed so in depth it was not worth the labor. With all the major manufactures going IP with their products, the cost of wire expenses drop tremendously.

Relay systems are being integrated into the control panels, and locks to eliminate the use for extra components. Mag locks are also becoming so small they can be used to restrict access to cabinets, or display cases. With all the new advances in the style and overall ease of installation and operations, access is setting up to become more widely available for any end user.

Brian Merritt

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  1. Anthony Fost on February 13, 2011 at 6:47 am

    Mag locks have been proven to not always be secure. I’ve personally seen an average sized man pull on a mag locked door and force it open bare handed.

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