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Transportation Security Cameras

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Train & Subway Station Surveillance Systems

With new challenges being faced by train and subway station security in the recent years, video surveillance systems must perform in terms of higher resolutions, capturing more details, and proper application of advanced video analytics to help reduce the dependency on security personnel.

The professionally engineered systems designed by Virtual Surveillance includes advanced video analytics which allows you to monitor behavioral trends, deter potential criminal and deviant behavior, allow your security teams to monitor areas without being present, and customize alerts on your specified criteria.

Our subway and train station security solutions offer the following features:

  • 5 Megapixel IP Cameras - Cover larger areas with fewer cameras and enable security personnel to make positive ID on persons of interest
  • Unattended Object Detection - Instantly generates an alarm when an unattended object appears in a defined detection area
  • Visual Quality Enhancer - Compensates by filtering & enhancing object visibility in a blurred environment caused by foggy or bad weather such as rain, snow, sleet, or fog
  • Scene Change Detection - Get immediate notifications if someone moves a camera

Our highly trained engineers will be able to custom tailor a security system that fits your needs regardless of the application. It is our goal to aid you in providing your travelers and staff with a safe and secure environment during their travels.

Video Surveillance System Solutions

Train Station Security System Features

The systems provided by Virtual Surveillance are specifically designed and engineered to be user friendly and operated by individuals outside of the security industry. The custom built recording servers engineered in our top of the line production laboratory have many distinct advantages over traditional recording systems:

  • 24/7 Advanced Alert system that sends notifications to your smart phone or e-mail account
  • Fully automated and can be configured to be event triggered
  • Monitor your facilities locally or remotely at any time of day
  • Provides time stamped video evidence that is admissible in any court of law
  • Captures an extensive video archive to aid in Forensic Analysis
  • Easily upgradeable and expandable through our exhaustive line of CCTV cameras and DVRs

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High definition security cameras

High Definition Security Cameras

Virtual Surveillance provides a comprehensive selection of the latest video security cameras with an even larger suite of features to guarantee that we have the right camera for the right places to monitor your facility at any time of day or night and in any weather condition.

Digital Network Video Recorder

Digital Recording Servers

From digital video recorders (DVRs) to network video recorders (NVRs) with NAS servers, we provide commercial grade, enterprise class video recorders with unmatched performance and reliability to suit your precise security needs.

Video Security Management Software

Video Management Software

With pre-configured criteria based rules, behavior triggered events, and advanced monitoring features, video management software automates aspects of your security operations while consolidating the administration of numerous video security systems to a single location. We provide video management software solutions by GeoVision, Video Insight, Milestone, and Hikvision.

security risk assessment

Solution Integration

No matter how complex your security needs, we will work hand in hand with your security and loss prevention teams to design a comprehensive solution tailored to your location that does everything you need and nothing you don’t. Our professional staff of engineers, consultants, and integrators have the experience to seamlessly integrate your surveillance solution with your existing infrastructure.

License Plate Recognition

License Plate Recognition

License plate recognition (LPR) cameras at the entrances and exits to your property capture and log every vehicle that visits your location. This data can be used to set up user profiles, approved schedules, and generate automatic notifications and alerts based off of pre-set criteria.

Partnering with Virtual Surveillance is a win/win: we win using their technology and information, and we win because their service and follow-up is outstanding. I should probably say it is win/win/win, because the pricing is so good! I highly recommend Virtual Surveillance."

– D. Simons, VP of Operations, Brinker International

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