Trends in the Security Industry

There are a couple of terms used in the investment and securities market that have taken hold and are surfacing more often in the security industry. One of these terms is momentum investing. This term came about to describe people that invest in something, not because they have studied every detail of a certain stock by looking at all the traditional tools like balance sheets, cash flow and other book keeping tools, but by watching the trends of a certain stock and watching what others are purchasing . As they see a stock continue to climb, they do what others are doing and purchase that same stock, hoping they have done so in time to watch it increase in value even more.

In the same way, investors are forecasting and researching the security industry. As surveillance products continue to advance and become more essential than ever before an upward trend has emerged attracting investors of all types to security.

We are closing in on the 9 year anniversary of 9/11, the day that moved our industry from a slow, but steady growing business, into one of the top growth industries in nearly every developed country in the world. Carrying much of the load of this trend is the IP market. The technology advancements made in just this one area appear to have enough momentum to keep the industry growing for years. When you add other technologies like remote storage, smart cameras, and mega pixel security cameras, this industry looks like a safe bet providing decades of profit for owners and investors alike.

  1. Michael StraussJuly 22, 2010   

    I couldn’t agree more with this, investing in such a product can be a big task its impotant to be informed.

  2. SamJuly 22, 2010   

    Off the subject God bless everyone who loved and lost during 9/11 and who continue to fight for our country. As for the security industry goes it is sad that it took such a major event to jump start the massive expansion in our industry. I review every new product that comes in conntact with our company before it even goes before the owner for a final yes or no. And I have to say man you could spend 24hrs a day 7 days a weeks ordering and reviewing the new products that are coming out it is a nonstop system.

  3. Harry LangerJuly 22, 2010   

    I agree security is always a great investment. The sense of security one can obtain is so great that it can ease the common fears.

  4. Anthony FostDecember 21, 2010   

    As the demand for security products keeps going up, their prices will continue to fall. More and more security products are being purchased strictly for residential purposes. This is due to price reductions over the last few years.

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