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Video in 360 Degrees – Hemispheric Cameras

Hemispheric Cameras cover a 360 degree view.  These cameras  allow you to monitor all angles of a location with a single camera. It can be installed to the ceiling, wall, wall corner and the pole. The camera is equipped with infrared illumination that provides low-light or no-light video. The camera’s  hemispherical image of the camera can be converted into a conventional rectilinear projection. The cameras allow you to watch live view and utilize functions such as motion detection and alert notifications through the Web interface and through the iPhone and Android apps.360cam1

The hemispheric camera is ideal for both indoor and outdoor environments such as retail outlets, campuses, prisons and interrogation rooms, and commercial buildings. It helps users eliminate blind spots and enhance situational awareness and replaces up to 4 cameras.  Quality cameras corrects for the image distortion common with 360-degree lenses by either de-warping the video with video management software (VMS) or processed at the camera level.

Single Camera 360 degree cameras provide wide coverage and are available from 1MP to 5MP with and without infrared.  Many also have a built-in microphone for audio applications.

 360 Hemispheric Cameras are available from Virtual Surveillance.  Talk to one of Virtual Surveillance’s Security Advisors at 866-424-9070 or email to info@VS-US.com.  Visit US at www.VS-US.com


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